Danila Tkachenko

  1. 2016

    • The New East Photo Prize (shortlist)


    • Gabriele Basilico Prize in Architecture and Landscape Photography (Finalist)

    • lacritique.org Award - Voies Off (Winner)

    • Emerging Photographer Fund grant (Winner)

    • Foam Talent (Winner)

    • Leica Oskar Barnack Award (Finalist)

    • PDN Photo Annual (Personal Сategory, Winner)

    • European Publishers Award For Photography (Winner)

    • CENTER Choice Awards (Director's Choice, Winner 1st place)

    • LensCulture Exposure Awards (Winner 1st place Series) 

    • 30 under 30, Magnum photos (Winner)

    •  Photobook Melbourne Image Award, Australia (Finalist)


    • Voies Off, France (Short list / Selections)

    • PHOTOVISA, Russia (Photoseries, 2nd prize)

    • Organ Vida, Croatia (Finalist)

    • Leica Oscar Barnack Award, Germany (Newcomer shortlist)

    • PDN Photo Annual, USA (Student Work, Winner)

    • World Press Photo, Netherlands (Staged Portraits, 1st prize stories)

    • 30 Under 30, Magnum photos (Shortlist)


    • Silver camera, Russia (Faces, Special prize)

    • Young man in the 21st century, Lithuania (Special prize)